Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dr. Seuss Nursery by Trend Lab

In September 2009, Trend Lab, LLC debuted its new line of Dr. Seuss Nursery products. Trend Lab and Dr. Seuss Enterprises, LP, have collaborated through a license agreement to develop nursery and toddler products, including bedding, d├ęcor, storage, gift items, and diaper bags.

Dr. Seuss is such a beloved author, that a nursery done up in characters from his classic books is an excellent choice for your baby’s nursery. What a better way to start your baby off toward a love of reading than to surround him or her in delightful a Dr. Seuss Nursery?

The new Dr. Seuss Nursery Collection by Trend Lab features two fabulous sets. One is the Dr. Seuss ABC Crib Bedding Collection. It features embroidered characters of Icabod and Izzy from Dr. Seuss’s classic book. It features rich and stimulating colors of barn red, avocado green, cornflower blue, mango orange and chocolate brown. The set has a modern look with bold dots, variegated stripes, and a whimsical alphabet and character scatter-print fabrics.

The second set is the Cat in the Hat Crib Bedding Collection. Perfect for any Dr. Seuss Nursery, this set features an adorable embroidered peek-a-boo Cat in the Hat character. With so many accessories to choose from, this new set is sure to become a classic just like the book.

Take your pick from these two delightful Dr. Seuss Nursery sets and you are off to a great start on the nursery of your dreams!

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