Sunday, January 20, 2013

Chevron Baby Bedding

Although some may argue that the Chevron trend is on it's way out, we tend to disagree. This is a look that is is still picking up in popularity by the day. Our bedding sets in the zig zag pattern are quickly becoming favorites with our customers which tells us that chevron style in home decor is alive and well!

What is so appealing about this look? The chevron inverted V pattern is a striking look with out being over the top. If you love modern style with clean and crisp lines, this may be a look that you want to consider for your baby's nursery. This look is also one that will blend easily with the style of your home. It can be cute with out being cutsie.

How do you incorporate this style into your nursery in a way that is tasteful and beautiful? Successful use of the chevron pattern requires some planning. If you go crazy and use it on your baby bedding, wall, rug and everything else, you may wake one morning in a few months and wonder what on earth you were thinking.

Use the pattern sparingly. You may opt to select a chevron patterned baby bedding set and some tasteful coordinating window treatments to compliment your bedding. If painting is your love, grab your pencil, level, ruler and painting tape paint a chevron pattern on you walls. A bold pattern on the walls may be best complimented by a crib bedding set in a solid color. An accent fabric in a coordinating floral print or a mini polka dot may also be a nice touch. Add textured fabrics to your room to add depth and interest.

If your heart is set on a Chevron Baby Bedding set, we have several ensembles that are both beautiful and tasteful. Stop on by and take a look!

Chevron Baby Bedding, Chevron Crib Sets

Need more ideas for designing your nursery? Here is our favorite nursery in Chevron style. Lila's Chevron Nursery as featured on Project Nursery successfully combines a beautiful painted chevron wall with chevron bedding and beautiful accent fabrics and polka dot rug.

You can also visit our Chevron Nursery Pinterest Board for great ideas and finds!