Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Damask Baby Bedding

One of our favorite trends in nursery decor is the use of damask print. Damask fabric has been around for a long time. It was traditionally a woven fabric made from silk traded along the Silk Road over 2000 years ago. It generally has a background with a woven raised design typically in a botanical pattern. It is often used for upholstery, drapes or table linens.

With such a rich history, it is not surprise that damask print is still popular today and makes an incredible choice for your baby's nursery. To make damask a practical and affordable to use in a nursery, designers are using cotton fabrics with a damask design print. This gives the look of a woven pattern but is machine washable and much more practical for a baby's bedding than an expensive woven silk fabric.

We love the damask crib bedding designs for their high contrast and beauty. Damask brings a certain elegance to a nursery that is beautiful and timeless. We adore the beautiful Isabella line of bedding by Sweet Jojo Designs. This lovely line features damask at its best with a striking black and white print that is a standout.

Isabella Damask Baby Bedding

If you have your heart set on damask for your nursery here are a few tips to follow:
  • Decide if you want your nursery to be more traditional or modern. Damask fabric naturally lends itself to traditional style but can definitely be used in a modern nursery. The furniture you choose will set the tone. Ornate or antique style furniture will set the tone for a traditional nursery. You may want to incorporate a beautiful antique rocker to accentuate your style. If you are going for a more modern look, choose furniture with clean and simple lines. Finally, complement your choices with accessories traditional or modern that will complete your look.
  • Choose other fabrics for the room that will complement, not clash with your damask pattern. Damask is such a beautiful print that you can let it be the focal point of the room. You may want to incorporate textured fabrics to complement the pattern.
  • Think past the crib. When designing your nursery, remember that damask print is a look that will go the distance. It can be perfect for a baby as well as a teen or tween. We love the damask bedding sets by Sweet Jojo Designs because they also come in toddler, twin and full/queen sizes allowing you to create a room that your little girl will love for a long time.
Love the damask style? Be sure to stop by and check out all of our Damask Baby Bedding sets!

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