Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Guitar Baby Bedding - Ideas for a Rockstar Nursery

Guitar Baby Bedding is perfect for a rockstar themed for baby boy's nursery. If you are looking for something unique for a baby boy, a rock and roll theme will be perfect for any music lover.

Guitar Baby Bedding

This adorable crib bedding set by designer Trend Lab will set up your little boy's nursery in rockin' style. The set combines a trendy plaid and a guitar splatter print with a soft brown ultra suede perfect for a baby boy. Embroidered appliques of guitars, musical notes and the word rockstar provide the finishing touches.

Ideas for your Guitar Nursery

  • Decorate one of the walls of your nursery with old records or cds. Multiple cds or records can make an interesting graphic statement on the wall.
  • Go to a local thrift shop or used instrument store and purchase a old guitar. Hang it on the wall of your nursery for a fun an interesting statement. Make sure to hang it out of the reach of your baby.
  • Paint the lyrics of a song on the wall. Choose something that is meaningful to you.
  • Frame Cds or records or the sleeves for interesting wall art. 
  • Apply peel and stick decals of stars or musical notes for your nursery walls.
  • Don't forget the drum! Buy you little guy a kid's drum set. Every toddler boy loves to bang on a drum. Pick up some ear plugs as well!

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