Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Baby Girl's Chevron Nursery - Mixing Patterns in Your Nursery

We are so excited to announce that Sweet Dreams My Child will now be carrying products from Caden Lane! We love the way Caden Lane's designer Katy Mimari has a way of putting together coordinating prints in her styles that are eclectic and unique. Take a look at this adorable nursery she designed for her third baby, Lila. This unique nursery successfully combines the oh so popular chevron print with polka dots and mod prints for an unforgettable style.

Baby Girl Chevron Nursery

Tips for Mixing Colors and Patterns in Your Nursery

Do you want to create a look of your own that is as stunning and unique as Katy's nursery? Here are a few tips to get you started.
  1. Find an Inspiration Piece -  Every design has to start somewhere. The perfect launching pad for your color palate is an inspiration item. This can be found anywhere. You may find a bedding set, fabric swatch, pillow or piece of art work that inspires you. Use this inspiration piece to come up with your color palate and general style. For this nursery the Lila Chevron Baby Bedding Set was the inspiration. The bedding provided the colors for the nursery and the chevron pattern design.

  2. Choose Patterns of Different Scale - Now that you have a color scheme to work with, assemble patterns of different scale and weight. Combine large scale patterns (such as the large scale chevron wall and large polka dot rug) with patterns of a smaller scale (such as the chevron and mod prints in the crib bedding).

  3. Add Some Solids - Choose one or two colors from you palate to use in solids and sprinkle your solids around the room. Notice the bright solid pinks used on the crib bedding, curtain trim, frames and stuffed animals spread throughout the room.

  4. Don't Forget Texture - One great way to bring life to a nursery is with texture. In the nursery above notice the soft area rug and the rosette trim on the curtain panels. 

  5. Have Fun - Make your own rules! A nursery or kids bedroom is one place in your home where you can let your creative juices flow. So mix and match away and don't forget to share photos of your lovely room with us on Facebook. We'd love to see what you come up with!

If you are in love with the Lila Girls Chevron Crib Bedding Set used in this nursery be sure to check it out in our shop!

To see more details and pictures of this gorgeous nursery check out Lila's Chevron Nursery at Project Nursery.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bib and Buddy Giveaway

Giveaway Terms and Conditions:

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  1. Eligibility: No purchase necessary.  This giveaway is open to legal residents of any of the 50 United States or D.C., who are 18 years of age or older at the time of entry. The prize may only be shipped to an address in the continental United States. 
  2. Promotion Date: This contest starts at 9:00 AM Mountain Time on September 12, 2013 and ends at 4:00 PM Mountain Time on September 13, 2013.
  3. Chances of Winning: Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received.
  4. Winner Selection: The winner will be determined on September 13, 2013. Sweet Dreams My Child will determine the winner by random selection through Rafflecopter from all eligible entries.
  5. Winner Notification: Potential winner will be notified by private message on Facebook and will be mentioned in the Facebook post. The winner will have until Monday, September, 13 to reply and confirm acceptance of the prize. If there is no response from the selected winner, an alternate winner will be chosen.
  6. Prize: The winner will receive bib and buddy baby gift set of their choice. The prize value is $22.95. There is a total of one (1) prize to be awarded to one (1) winner. No transfer, refund, substitution, or replacement of prizes permitted, except that sponsor reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to substitute a prize of equal or greater value.
  7. Use Of Personal Information: Personal information collected by sponsor will be used for administration of the contest and awarding the prize. Furthermore, by entering, entrants agree to Sweet Dreams My Child use of entrant’s first and last name to announce the winner on this blog and on Facebook.
  8. Sponsor: The sponsor of the contest is Sweet Dreams My Child, LLC.
  9. General: In order to enter the contest or receive the prize, you must fully comply with the Official Rules. By entering you agree to be bound by these Official Rules and the decisions of the sponsor, Sweet Dreams My Child, whose decisions shall be binding and final in all respects.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Thrift Store Chair to Chevron Desk Chair Makeover

We recently remade my daughters room. It was out with the princesses and in with a fun and trendy look for my tween. As part of the room, redo we added a new desk for her to work on projects and homework. We though it would be fun to remake a thrift store chair for her desk and are pleased with this fun one-of-a kind desk chair that we created together.

DIY Chevron Chair Makeover

Here's how we did it! I'm going to be honest, some sewing experience will be helpful for this project. I got the idea to remake a chair several years ago when watching a home decorating show on TV where they were making a slip cover for an old chair or couch. The basic concept is to turn your fabric pieces inside out and pin them while on the chair for a fitted look.

Here are the steps to remake a chair:

First you may need to restructure the shape of the chair a bit. Take apart the seat, removing the old dirty fabric and padding. Then add some cushioning of your own. I bought a simple queen size quilt batting from my local craft store (with my 40% off coupon of course!) and went to work.

Cut a square shape and staple the batting to the chair seat with a staple gun. Be careful with this part if your children are helping! Leave one side open and add a bit more pillow stuffing to make the seat more cushy.
Next staple off the forth side and trim off all of the excess batting. Now you have a clean and soft seat for your chair!
Now you can reshape the chair back a bit. Using the same queen size quilt batting, we wrapped and stapled providing extra padding and shape for the chair. This part doesn't have to be pretty. Your lovely slip cover will hide your work!

Reattach your seat and the chair is ready for it's new look!
Now for the slip cover. My daughter picked a fun chevron print for her chair. For our chair, we bought five yards of fabric and had some left over.

Cut two pieces of fabric, one for the seat and one for the back. You may need two pieces of fabric for the back if your pattern doesn't look the same upside down.

With your fabric inside out, pin your fabric in two places. Where the seat meets the back and where the fabric meets on each side of the seat back.

Here is a close up of the pinning around the seat back. Now you can remove the fabric from the chair and sew three seams. One connecting the seat bottom to the back and two seams down the sides of the seat back. Sew right along the pins.

Now that your seams are sewn. Put your slip cover back on your chair right side out.

It is now time to construct the skirt! Cut three pieces of fabric. One front panel and two side panels. Measure your chair carefully allowing enough fabric for all of the seams. Don't forget to match up your pattern at the seams if it needs matching. Also allow enough fabric to attach your skirt to the seat and back and for a hem at the bottom.

Sew two seams to connect your front skirt panel to each of the side panels.

Here is a picture of the skirt panels sew together.

 The next step is to attach the skirt.

With your slip cover (seat and back) on your chair right side out, pin your skirt (also right side out) to the seat on the front and sides. You will attach the skirt to the back panel in the next step. Tuck the fabric on the corners for a tailored look.
Here is what the chair should look like with everything pinned.

Now you will carefully remove your slip cover and sew the skirt to the seat on the front and sides. You will be sewing on top of the skirt with the right side out.

This is how your seam will look when it has been sewn.

Now that your skirt is attached, put your slip cover back on your chair, this time inside out.

To finish the skirt, pin the skirt panels to the back panel of the chair on both sides.

Remove the slip cover and sew up these two seams right along the pins. This seam should match up to close the corners where they meet the back of the chair.

When you have finished these seams, try your slip cover right side out on your chair to make sure you are happy with the fit. If everything looks good, trim off excess fabric at the seams.

Put your slip cover back on the chair right side out.

The final step is to pin the hem on the skirt. Pin all of the way around on all four sides of the chair.

Remove the slip cover and sew your hem.

Chevron Desk Chair Makeover
Now it's time for the fun part!

Put your slip cover on your chair and enjoy!

My daughter and I are pretty happy with the results. What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by to see our chevron chair project!

If you love chevron, please stop by to check out our adorable chevron bedding collections!