Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How to Make a Memo Board - DIY

Kids always have lots of pictures, awards and mementos they love to hang up in their room. Why not make a simple memo board to help them organize their special items? This tutorial will show you how!

How to make a memo board
 You only need a few supplies to create this memo board. You will need:

  • A standard 23"x35" bulletin board. You can find one of these at any discount or office supply store.
  • A standard Crib Sheet. They are the perfect size to fit over this size bulletin board and come in so many fun fabrics!
  • A staple gun.
  • Thumb tacks or furniture tacks.
  • Coordinating ribbon.
Cover the front of your bulletin board with the crib sheet. Wrap the sheet around the back side. Carefully staple the crib sheet to the back side of the frame of the board making sure the fabric is tight across the front of the board. Once you have stapled all the way around cut off the excess fabric on the back side.

Stretch ribbon across the front of your memo board. Use furniture or decorative thumb tacks to secure the ribbon where it criss-crosses and secure the ends of the ribbon to the back side of the frame of the board with a staple.

Hang your board on the wall and slip mementos behind the ribbon or pin them to the board. A simple way to get your kids room organized and add a personal touch!

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